American AgCredit

"In March 2003, we hired DSPN to provide a one-day training session on business continuity planning. After that first session, those in attendance demanded that we have DSPN back to assist in the process of developing plans for our departments and branch offices. In assisting us, they were always well prepared, customizing their materials and templates to meet our needs. The planning work was completed expeditiously. They then assisted us in staging our first tabletop exercise--all within four months from when we began. We will certainly be calling them for a tune up in the future." Floyd Ridenhour, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
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Art Center College of Design

"I was first introduced to DSPN's services in 1991 when I was Vice-President of Facilities at NBC West Coast. Their professional guidance in assisting us to set up an emergency response program for that facility made me contact them again in 1995 when I moved to Art Center College of Design. DSPN has provided ongoing support and direction in the development of our program at Art Center, working with our security, facilities, and administration departments to develop a comprehensive program. We continue to use their services as we expand our campuses." George Falardeau, Senior Vice-President, Real Estate and Operations (return to list)


California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS)

"We have used DSPN's services since 1994 to facilitate the development of our agency-wide program. CalPERS was a leader among state agencies--beginning this effort long before others realized the need. With DSPN's help, we now have comprehensive plans to continue the critical services our agency offers. We have recently increased our testing, using DSPN's expertise to create realistic scenarios." Rick Nelson, Division Manager, Operations Support Services Division (return to list)


Discovery Communications, Inc.

"Discovery Communications realized after 9/11 that we have truly entered a 'new world', filled with risks that didn't exist before. We created emergency response plans for our employees, but we needed a consulting team that were experts in this subject to make sure we would address all of the elements for our business continuity program. We are continuing to use DSPN's services to test our plans and to expand the program internationally." Karen Kiley, Director, Administration (return to list)


Macy's West

"DSPN has helped us develop our program since 1996. In the early years, they facilitated the development of our department and store recovery plans, using their methodology, training, and templates. Once our basic program was in place, we continued to use them to assist us in creating realistic exercises to test all of the elements of our planning. Other companies have been amazed how far we have gotten in such a short time. We could not have moved at that speed without DSPN's guidance. It is amazing to go to conferences and hear what other people are doing, knowing that "we have already done that!" Shirley Ono, Business Continuity Manager, Macy's West (return to list)


Bon Macy's

"At Bon Macy's we have been developing and testing our business continuity plans for several years, using DSPN as our source to keep us "on-track" throughout the development of out entire program.  They provide a structured way to create the plans, and increase our readiness through realistic tests and exercises." Rick North, Risk Manager (return to list)


Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

"Since January 1998, DSPN has worked with us to develop an enterprise-wide business continuity program. Their approach has been three-fold, consisting of an initial assessment to identify the "gaps" we needed to address; development of department business recovery plans, emergency operations and command centers, and facility plans for all our field locations. They have also helped us with vigorous testing of our plans through tabletop and functional exercises. We find DSPN's services to be professional and supportive. They have provided us with a framework which has enabled us to create an award-winning, nationally recognized 'Best Practices' program." Janet Mebust, Business Continuity Manager, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. (return to list)


Newcastle International Sports Centre Trust

"We have had ongoing dealings with Bill Edwards of Disaster Survival Planning (Australia) over a period of time. It is my pleasure to be able to recommend Bill as a highly professional person who is most obliging and thorough in everything he does. We have been delighted with his work and see it as value for money." Leigh Maughan, Honorary Secretary, Newcastle International Sports Centre Trust
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Australian Wine Selectors Pty Ltd.

"DSP (Australia) contributed a very sound and well practiced methodology and Bill Edwards was able to work closely with all members of AWS staff from the Managing Director down. Billís consulting style encouraged the involvement of our staff and ensured that the methodology underlying the DSP (Australia) process was understood and accepted by AWS personnel. I am happy to be able to say that AWS has a sound Business Continuity Program in place that was delivered in the estimated time and budget." Dave Karlson, National Operations Manager, Australian Wine Selectors Pty Ltd. (return to list)


Yamaha Corporation of America

"In September 2000, we hired DSPN to assist Yamaha Corporation of America in developing a Business Continuity Program.   DSPN's approach to integrating life safety and continuity of business operations fit our operations nicely.  DSPN further assisted with defining our systems recovery strategies and with our other manufacturing and assembly facilities. All of that work was completed with their coaching, on time and within budget.  They have since assisted us in staging our annual exercises, including a functional exercise of our EOC team. DSPN has a very well thought out strategy for business continuity.  They guided our progress step by step.  They have significant business and IT knowledge, in addition to business continuity knowledge.  Their involvement was essential to our working through some speed bumps along the way. DSPN's service was always prompt and professional, and their fees were a very good value, especially when compared to the larger consulting firms. Brian Jemelian, Vice President, Finance and Administration (return to list)