About DSPN

Since 1988, DSPN has provided planning expertise to more than 160 clients throughout the United States, including major businesses, utilities, government agencies, colleges and universities, and community organizations.

Jack Orlove

Jack Orlove, President and DVBE

Jack Orlove has spent over 22 years in IT security and 13 years in Disaster Recovery. He was certified as a CBCP in 2001 and has built or audited over 100 plans. Jack is currently an Adjunct Professor teaching Security at the Master's Degree level, teaching Disaster Recovery for DRI International (the certifying body for CBCPs), and also teaching security for ISC2.  He was the Information Security Officer for MAXIMUS Inc. for over five years, responsible for business recovery and Information Security.  Jack has consulted on major initiatives for the State of California including: the HIPAA Security Implementation Project Manager for the State, Disaster Recovery Expert and Datacenter Architect for many public and private major initiatives for over 13 years. Prior to Cyber Communication, Jack held roles in application development, networking architecture and datacenter design.

Jack worked with the U.S. State Department in Africa and the Middle East, the Department of Defense in Europe and Latin America, and supported General Schwarzkopf in Operation Desert Storm. Jack Orlove has received many accolades from multiple Federal and State agencies during his time with the military and in civilian life to include the U.S. Central Command Accommodation Award for services provided in Kuwait and his outstanding service with the 470th Military Intelligence Brigade in Panama.


Ingela Orlove

Ingela Orlove, Vice President 

Ingela Orlove has over 15 years of experience in disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Her experience includes completing risk and gap analysis reports, business impact assessments, business continuity plans, and disaster recovery plans for customers ranging from corporate leaders to state and county agencies where has been involved in multiple high-impact business continuity and IT disaster recovery solutions and has participated in numerous tests for financial, healthcare, and other organizations.

Judy Bell

Judy Bell, Founder of DSPN and Executive Consultant

Judy Bell, DSPN's founder, is a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) through the International Association of Emergency Managers. Her practical experience stems from 1987 when as a Division Manager for Pacific Bell, she coordinated the overall restoration of the Pacific Bell public telephone network after the Whittier earthquake. Since then, she has participated with industry associations at national and international levels, and, in 1991, authored the first book on business continuity for the private sector, Disaster Survival Planning: A Practical Guide for Businesses.


Other DSPN Consultants

Three Reasons to Choose DSPN:

  1. Efficiency. Our methodology produces results quickly while minimizing disruption to your daily operations. Our interaction with your key personnel is precisely defined and carefully coordinated. We save you time because we know what to do and when to do it.
  2. Flexibility. We train our consultants to integrate pre-existing components where possible, modify sequences when required, and adjust the project pace to your corporate culture. As a result, the program you implement will be more sustainable because we have tailored it to fit your circumstances and priorities.
  3. Experience. DSPN consulting teams have guided the implementation of more than 80 enterprise-wide business continuity programs since 1988. We will bring you the best practices available in the industry to maximize your protection while minimizing your cost.

Diane Gross, Life Safety Consultant, and owner, Life Goes On.

Bryan Whitefield, Senior Consultant, Disaster Survival Planning (Austrailia)


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