Disaster Survival Planning: A Practical Guide for Businesses   by Judy Bell
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Everything you need to know about creating business recovery plans. It contains tips on how to get your top executives' to support long term recovery.  "Of the many contingency and crisis management books, this is one of the few that is neither academic nor a simple collection of war stories.....This book demonstrates that (the author) knows her stuff." - SECURITY MANAGEMENT MAGAZINE

Small Business Plan Template
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Just fill in the blanks! Let your employees know what to do and where to go when disaster strikes. We provide you the tools to combine your business recovery plans with your emergency response plans. This self-paced template is simple to use. Available in IBM® or Macintosh® in Microsoft Word® format. Perfect for retailers, schools, branch or regional offices, law firms, accountants, insurance agencies, and small manufacturers.....JUST FILL IN THE BLANKS!

Business Recovery Planning Guides

Organizing the Project
Preparing Plans
Implementing Plans
Testing Plans

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Our planning guides walk you through organizing the total project, preparing your documents, stocking supplies, setting up emergency operations centers (EOC's), creating realistic scenarios to test your plans and much more!

Designed to complement our book (included) these four workbooks give you step-by-step instructions to create your own business recovery plans, without the cost of hiring a consultant!

They are designed for any size business, school, or public agency that is creating complete comprehensive plans. The forms in each guide (54 in all) are on disk in IBM®, Macintosh®, Microsoft Word®, or WordPerfect®.

Complete Tool Kit

All the Items above, including the Book,
Disaster Survival Planning,
Small Business Plan Template and
Business Recovery Planning Guides
A complete package
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