Pandemic Experience for Executives is a half-day tabletop exercise to help your leadership team define and practice their roles in reducing the impact of a pandemic emergency. The event is customized for your organization’s circumstances and experience level and is facilitated at your site by a team of two preparedness experts.

Typical Agenda for an Immature Plan:

Orientation—1 hour (optional)
- Welcome and Introductions
- Fundamental Information about Pandemics
- Current Information about Pandemics
- Current Information about Client Plans

Break—15 minutes

Pandemic Tabletop—1 hour
- Pandemic Scenario
- Questions and Answers
- Captured Action Items

Break—15 minutes

Group Breakout—45 minutes (optional)
- Participants divided into teams to brainstorm development priorities (DSPN)
- Reports from Breakout Groups (DSPN)

DSPN workshops are professionally designed to be educationally sound. Sessions deliver an energetic, content-rich agenda that is thought provoking as well as entertaining.

For more details about the agenda and design/delivery options, contact 800-601-4899).