Free Business Continuity Resources

  1. Employee Readiness Test
  2. Executive Readiness Test
  3. Business Continuity Planning Model
  4. Sample Disaster Recovery Plans
  5. Ready Business Brochure from Homeland Security New Document
  6. Basic Articles about Business Continuity
  7. Articles about Managing Telecommunications
  8. Subscriptions to Industry Journals
  9. Real-time Links for Monitoring Earthquakes and Weather
  10. Communications Checklist
  11. Comparison of Crisis Information Management Software
  12. Talking About Disasters: A Guide for Standard Messages
  13. What To Do In Case of Chemical Disasters
  14. Shelter-In-Place Information Center
  15. Shelter-In-Place Plan for Offices
  16. Considerations When Selecting an EOC Site
  17. Preparing for SARS
  18. FEMA Guide to Citizen Preparedness
  19. Counseling Resources for Disaster Victims    
  20. Hazardous Materials Incident Response Procedure    
  21. Anthrax Preparedness Guide         
  22. Dirty Bomb Preparedness Guide          
  23. Incident Command System eTool          
  24. Citizens Preparedness Guide          
  25. Get Notified of an Emergency by Email, Cell, or Pager    
  26. Standardizing ICS for Businesses
  27. Avian Flu Information    
  28. Bird Flu Monitor    
  29. Avian Flu Timeline from the World Health Organization     New Document
  30. Official US Government Website for Pandemic Flu     
  31. Hurricane Safety Guide (from USA Today)     
  32. Tornado Safety Guide (from USA Today)     
  33. Flood Safety Guide (from USA Today)      New Document
  34. Thunderstorm Safety Guide (from USA Today)     

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